Numbers and Know-how

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Well, That and A Team of Experienced Pilots to Light the Fuse

  • Claire B. ParkerPresident, Parker Consulting

    Claire B. Parker is a marketing and management consultant with more than 25 years of experience. Claire began developing her market insights early on, growing up working with her dad in a retail family business built on targeted direct marketing and building a loyal customer base. She graduated from Auburn University with a B.S. in Secondary Education, but eventually realized her passion was business. She earned an MBA in Marketing from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, with a focus on quantitative research and analysis.

    Claire has enjoyed working with executives at leading corporations as well as the owners of small and mid-size businesses. She understands how business units operate and is as comfortable sharing valuable insights with the CEO of a Fortune 500 company as she is sharing them with a group of new employees.

  • Claire B. Parker
    President, Parker Consulting

  • Craig A. ParkerPresident, Chicago Division

    Craig A. Parker, President, Chicago Division, has been managing the firm’s Chicago office since 2006. Craig brings a strong and wide-ranging set of skills to his work, drawing from his diverse business and research experience and a strong educational background in math, philosophy and law. He begins each client engagement focused on understanding precisely what the client wants to learn from the research that our firm will conduct. This translates to effective research design and data collection approaches. Once the data has been collected, Craig assures that the extensive analysis, using both quantitative methods and his sense of the story behind each respondent’s words, reveals the crucial insights.

    The final reports from Craig’s Chicago office speak uniquely to clients in an intuitive way and provide actionable recommendations for employees at every level.

    Craig holds an A.B. from Duke University and a J.D. from Northwestern University School of Law.

  • Craig A. Parker
    President, Chicago Division