Parker Case Study:

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How Does Your (Consumer)

Garden Grow?

  • Client IndustryNational Consumer Home Gardening
    ProjectCustomer Profiles for New Marketing Efforts
    SituationClient needed to understand how their customers make purchasing decisions

    TechniquesNational Market Research, Surveys, Customer Panels, Quantitative Analysis

    Project focused on enhancing brand recognition through demographic specific consumer personas and marketing action plans. Action items included, but were not limited to:

    • Product: Vegetable and herb plants
    • Market assessment: characterized by weak brand recognition and lack of an overall leader
    • National distribution through leading retail chains
    • Annual comprehensive national market study
    • Unique statistical analysis
    • Complex, proprietary survey programmed online and administered by Parker Consulting personnel
    • Targeted topical panels (social media, mobile site, web presence)
    • Retailer-specific reports
    • Knowledge of customer trends, opportunities, media, price sensitivity, gardening practices, shopping patterns