Parker Case Study:

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  • Client IndustryConsumer Services Holding Company
    ProjectMarket Opportunity Analysis
    SituationClient needed to quantify potential return of investment in providing a novel new local service concept
    TechniquesSurvey Targeted to Local Potential Service Users, Survey Design, Detailed Geographic Reporting

    Developed comprehensive quantitative portrait of market opportunity.

    • 25-mile service radius identified, potential customers targeted within this tightly defined geography
    • Evaluated current use of existing solutions, need for service, providers being used, price points, consumer behaviors and demographics affecting the potential for the service
    • Consumer segmentation defining five key types of users and potential revenue
    • Geographic segmentation of market zones and potential revenue within each zone
    • Supporting anecdotes and information about the segments to evaluate potential message, media
  • Client Feedback:
    “After digging deep into it, we decided to put the new business on hold. Based on the research, we were not sure the return on the new business would be fast enough / big enough for us to invest in it. Very much enjoyed working with you on the project and thought highly of your work.”