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Mining for Data, We're Not Afraid to Get Our Hands Dirty

  • We walk in your shoes. We understand how business works. We know decisions you make now will affect your bottom line for years to come. Maybe you are looking at a new market, product or concept and need to know the potential it provides your business. Or you are considering restructuring and need to know how it will affect culture, productivity, or customer loyalty. Decision making never stops. Gathering the right research data and analyzing it wisely will allow you to make informed decisions for solid, long-term outcomes.

    Consumer Research

    When you analyze extensive customer data to define segments, a customer personality (or persona) can be developed to make each segment familiar, accessible, and easy to talk about within your organization.

    • Market Segmentation
    • Consumer Personas
    • Consumer Insights
    • Concept Testing

    Quantitative Research

    Asking the right people the right questions with the right incentive to participate is the only way to make sure your survey gets a strong response rate from the people you need to hear from.

    • Quantitative Surveys
    • Marketing Research
    • Website Testing
    • Concept Testing

    Business-to-Business Research

    Market research is the way businesses determine what marketing works – the message, the medium, the channels – with the most important measure being increased revenue.

    • Market Segmentation
    • Marketing Research
    • Website Testing
    • Concept Testing

    Market or Service Area Evaluation

    Evaluating the needs of a market can provide a business or non-profit organization with an understanding of how to best reach and serve that market.

    • Market Opportunity Analysis
    • Community Needs Assessment
    • Listening Sessions


    Each survey method reaches – and misses – certain population segments, so having an intelligent sampling plan is critical to performing a valid survey.

    • Project Management
    • Survey Design
    • Online Surveys and Discussions
    • Telephone Surveys
    • In-Person Surveys
    • Social Media Surveys
    • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
    • Employee Surveys

    Analysis and Reporting

    A research report has to tell the story quickly, succinctly, and believably, not just present stacks of data tables and graphs.

    • Quantitative Research Design
    • Statistical Analysis
    • Executive and Board Level Reporting
    • Statistical and Graphic Reporting
    • Measurement and Tracking
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